Angela Amoia
Director of Yoga | TruFusion Summerlin

Kris has opened up a whole new world to me through the practice of Yin Yoga!  Her methodical, spiritual and restorative approach to her teachings have brought a beautiful compliment to my decades of daily Baptiste Power Vinyasa and, more recently, Signature Set Series practices. Kris is thoughtful in her approach and authentically connects to each and every student through her words as well as in co-creation with her student’s poses through hands-on assists. Her class is like none I have ever experienced before!

Leland Daniel Holgate Senior (Retired Military)

I joined the military in 1997 straight out of high school. After a life altering neck injury, I was a quadriplegic for a short time until I gained motor functions and learned how to walk again over the course of about a year. I’ve had to do a lot of work to put myself back together both physically and mentally. Kris’ class is amazing for both aspects. It really helps with my back discomfort with the deep stretching in the poses. I’d have to say my favorite part though is how amazing she is with the music selection and positive attitude. Kris gets us all to be in the moment and enjoy life. It’s so easy to realize that the mat is a safe place with your guidance and support

Marc Longwith
Owner: Banger Brewing

Kris has truly changed my life! My entire life I have been an athlete, I trained martial arts since I was 12 and competed in every sport related, from Jiu Jitsu to Muay Thai to MMA. Over the years I began to develop back pain that continued to worsen as I grew older. Approaching 40 and my body slowing down, I knew something had to change. Even though I was recommended yoga at a very young age and have attempted to practice it many times over the years, I just was unable to get into it, until I met Kris. Her energy as well as her ability to connect with her students was something I had only experienced on a one on one level with my prior coaches. I was amazed to experience such a connection with 30 other students in the room. Of course, this kept me coming back for more. I primarily attend her Yin style classes at least twice a week. I find peace in my life the more I connect within myself during these classes. In the words of Kris herself, “Yoga isn’t about the fancy shapes, it’s about giving yourself permission to slow down”. I just love this quote. It reminds me to take care of myself and to slow down in my day to day life. Not only do I no longer have back pain and of course my body feels amazing, I also have a new outlook on life. I have learned to slow down and to appreciate the amazing life that has been given to me. Thank you, Kris, for teaching me to take care of myself and my life. I believe we all have been given a beautiful gift, and Kris is a manifestation of that. Her energy and way of life is truly an example I try to manifest in my own.


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